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Toucanet Lodge is located in the scenic Copey valley within the prime coffee producing area of Dota, in the heart of Los Santos Forest Reserve, home to Los Quetzales National Park and Cerro Las Vueltas Biological Reserve. The lodge is less than two hours from San José in the Cerro de la Muerte region of the Talamanca mountain range. Toucanet Lodge is situated at 1,950 m above sea level with a temperature range of 8o to 20o Celsius.

Copey, a picturesque valley with almost 500 inhabitants, gets its name from the copey tree (Clusia rosea), common along the countryside roads. It is a newly discovered destination for birdwatching. At Toucanet Lodge, visitors will enjoy being surrounded by an exuberant cloud forest and its centennial oak trees, covered in moss, bromeliads and over 200 species of birds, including the resplendent quetzal. Waking up with the sound of the river and the spotted wood quails after a peaceful night’s sleep makes the visit at the lodge a memorable stay.